PJ WX4130N

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Main Features

  • One of the smallest, lightest and closest-range projectors in the market.
  • One of the few portable ultra short-throw projectors in the market.
  • Higher resolution brings added clarity and a wider projected image.
  •  Quick start-up and shut down means you can get your presentations set-up and packed down in no time.
  • With the free Ricoh Tamago Presenter app available for download, business meetings can be conducted smoothly with an iPad or iPad2 via wireless LAN.
  • Keystone distortion is detected and fixed automatically – limiting set up time and getting your presentation up and ready with the best impact, quickly and easily.
  • DLP system offers over 16 million colours for optimal clarity and brightness at a close range.
  •  Limit access and ensure security of the device with password protection.
  • View frame sequential 3D content using optional 3D glasses.

Extra features

  • Carbon metering lets you manage your CO2emissions in economy mode.
  • Deliver computer-free presentations by saving MPEG1, MPEG2 and JPEG images to a USB memory drive for immediate access to presentations while on the go. The JPEG Conversion Utility tool allows for fast and easy conversion of PowerPoint files, graphic images, and screen captures to JPEG format for storage on a portable memory device.
  • Supports closed captioning which allows subtitles to be displayed at the bottom of the image.
  • Project up to four of the same images to four separate projectors from a single computer for large conferences.
  • Manage and monitor multiple projectors on the same network, such as changing their settings or turning the power off via a computer.
  • Keep your presentation smooth and seamless with remote control access offering ‘freeze’, ‘resize’, ‘mute’ and ‘mouse control’ buttons.
  • Project onto various backdrops with blackboard mode – you can get optimal image quality on different coloured backdrops.

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