PJ WX2130

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Main Features

  • High resolution brings added clarity and a wider projected image.
  • Quick startup and shutdown means you can get your presentations setup and packed down in no time.
  • Keystone distortion is detected and fixed automatically – limiting setup time and getting your presentation up and ready with the best impact, quickly and easily.
  • DLP® (Digital Light Processing) system offers over 1.07 billion colours for optimal clarity and brightness at a close range.
  • View frame sequential 3D images and video using optional 3D glasses.

Extra features

  • Supports closed captioning which allows subtitles to be displayed at the bottom of the image.
  • Project up to four of the same images to four separate projectors from a single computer for large conferences.
  • Keep your presentation smooth and seamless with remote control access offering ‘freeze’, ‘resize’, ‘mute’ and ‘mouse control’ buttons.
  • Project onto various backdrops with blackboard mode – you can get optimal image quality on different coloured backdrops.
  • Use High Altitude mode when the projector is being used at an elevation over 750 m.

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