Interactive Whiteboard D5500

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Main Features

This remarkable innovation will improve the productivity and cost-effectiveness of your business meetings, video conferencing, collaborative presentations and classroom training sessions.

  •  Smooth handwriting:  write, draw or annotate smoothly and quickly using the handy electronic pen.
  •  Outstanding quality: the 55-inch, full HD LCD display incorporates an LED backlight for outstanding brightness and long life. Displays the faintest of handwriting and the nuances of detailed drawings, and helps convey the key messages of your presentations clearly and powerfully.
  • Real-time, remote communication:  An optional license allows you to share written contents with up to four D5500 units or Ricoh interactive projectors connected via the intranet at the same time. Remote view from PC/MAC and other smart devices for instant sharing. Increase interactivity while reducing costs and time. Ideal for remote or multiple offices.
  • Instant connection: ready to use the moment you switch it on. There’s no need to install any software or perform any calibrations.
  • Easy to use: Just connect it to your PC, iPad, tablet or smartphone with a VGA cable to start working on your digital projections and interact with colleagues or students. Network connected PC’s can also be remote operated on the D5500, whichmakes it much easier to change content.
  • User friendly interface:  No need for training. With touch-screen convenience you can write, draw, edit, erase, move, resize and save. Screen content can be instantly saved to USB memory, Network folder or D5500 temp folder, shared via email as PDF file, or print out directly to a Ricoh MFD/Printer.
  • Multiple applications: Collaborate on designs and artwork for easy collaboration, revision and approval for anything from designs and drawings, web pages, corporate reporting or tests. Interactive and flexible teaching and learning in classrooms.
  • Safe and secure:  All data is permanently deleted the moment you switch the whiteboard off. And for remote access, PIN code authentication can be enabled to prevent unauthorised use.



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