20141001_085242UPDATE: We Have Merged with Mango 4 Office Technology.


Here at CQ Digital Solutions, our company philosophy is to offer competitive pricing and live by the service back up we offer. We gear our business to the service and support of our customers. The service we provide is based on understanding the customer’s needs and providing a reliable, timely and competitively priced solution.

We don’t sell you what we have, we sell you what suits your needs and role. We want to offer your business a one stop service. From providing you with the relevant information so you can make the right choices for your business when it comes to office equipment,from the delivery and integration into your business, and all the way to the upkeep of your new office egladstonequipment.

We realize that every moment your office equipment isn’t working properly, is a lost in productivity. We respond to breakdown’s urgently. We achieve this through the expertise that our staff bring into their jobs. Each Technician has well over 20 years experience in the industry and is well equipped to assist our customers on all aspects of their office equipment needs. Be it from choosing the right machine for the job, to the integration and maintenance of the machine, ensuring that it runs smoothly in your business. Our personnel are all pleasant to deal with and are fully aware that without service, there is no growth.

Without our growth, there is no future. As such, we endeavor to do our very best when serving you.